How It Works

Submit you itinerary, we handle the rest.

For Everest Clients, fuel purchasing is as easy as submitting an itinerary. Once your trip enters our system, we get to work on all the other details - from shopping to arrangements with the FBO, and even post verification.

A Seamless Process from Start to Finish

Our process is designed to simplify fuel purchasing for our clients, and also provides checks and balances to ensure you always get the best possible price. From start to finish, we submit, research, schedule, verify and invoice all of your fuel purchases.

1. You submit an itinerary - either manually or in real-time through scheduling integration with our state-of-the-art system.

2. We research pricing through all available options.

3. We send you pricing and uplift information - ICAO code, FBO or ground handler name, suggested payment method and our negotiated price along with minimum gallons to waive FBO ramp/ handling fees.

4. You uplift - we pay for the fuel, and rebill at the discounted price.

5. We post verify - performing a real-time audit of all invoices, and resolving any discrepancies.

6. Every month, we send a detailed report of all transactions and highlighting your savings - an ideal tool to share with upper management or your client to show the program's value.