Save Money

Save an average of $0.55-0.65 per gallon on fuel.

To put it plainly, we buy a lot of fuel. As one of the largest volume aggregrators in the industry, we have tremendous purchasing power and use that to the benefit of our clients, which translates into powerful savings.

How We Save You Money

Everest leverages the purchasing power of more than 4000 participating aircraft to get highly competitive rates on behalf of the whole network, creating an average savings of $0.55-0.65 per gallon compared to our clients negotiating fuel purchases on their own. These savings are created through four key areas.

Increased Choices

Everest maintains relationships with every possible fuel vendor, reseller, and oil company - an insurmountable task for an individual Flight Department or aircraft operator. This gives us access to more pricing choice for each trip.

Shopping Each Trip

Once you send us an itinerary, a Fuel Specialist identifies the pricing available through all options for each leg of the trip. This process is time-consuming, but provides strong value.

Negotiated Rates

By leveraging our purchasing power, Everest has secured significant volume discounts across the network. Many of these savings are due to our direct relationships with FBO chains worldwide.

Post Verification

We verify every transaction for every trip. By identifying, disputing and resolving incorrect billings, this process creates meaningful savings for our clients. We don’t audit gallons.

We handle the fuel, you handle the flying.

Unlike contract fuel or resellers, we provide a comprehensive service that relieves you from the tedious task and hassles of buying fuel. By working with Everest, you can get back to focusing on what really matters: your client.

How We Save You Time

Dealing with fuel purchasing can be a hassle - you have to call multiple vendors to try and get a competitive price, you have tedious fuel releases to file and are you sure the price you negotiated is always what you got charged? When you work with Everest, we take care of all the hassles, freeing your time to focus on what matters the most.

Vendor Management

In order to get the most competitive price, you have to shop all the vendors. Do you have the time or ability to manage all these accounts? At Everest, we manage these relationships for you. You get to enjoy the ease of having just one vendor - us.

Scheduling Integration

We can arrange for your flight department's scheduling system to automatically send information directly into our system, ensuring we always have the most-up-to-date details. Depending on your preference, we can also arrange for schedules to be sent manually.

Shopping & Research

Every time you submit an itinerary, we research pricing across all options, leveraging Everest's preferred rates and commitments with the FBO, ground handlers, resellers and other fuel sources. Although time-consuming, it is the only way to guarantee you are always getting the best price.

Post Verification

After each flight, Everest performs a real-time audit of all invoices to ensure accurate billing of gallons, price and payment method. Any discrepancies are disputed and resolved in a timely manner.